Which helps with retention and brand loyalty

We creat content that directly address this ne and people could find it by Googling our name versus our competitors e.g. Ahrefs vs. Moz . If we cover all the issues and objections convincingly. and bas on everything they already know about us. the CTA’s $ trial against us should be the final push they ne. marketing is to increase sales and grow your business. so it’s more than just winning salesit also helps you keep your existing customers engag and inform. At Ahrefs. we dont create unique blog content for this step. Because we’re always focus on solving specific problems and upskilling our audience. our content works for both potential and existing customers. However. we have a dicat help section .

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More specifically for our customers. where we can help them understand the data they see in our tools and how it can benefit them. This is important for user retention Phone Number List because if they dont understand the value we provide. they are unlikely to pay us every month. . Content marketing has compound returns and is cheaper in the long run Unlike channels like paid advertising. which stop working once you stop investing. content marketing compounds the return on the initial investment. To simplify things a bit – if you spend $. on advertising today to get clicks to your blog. you will ne to spend another .

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Tomorrow to get the same results. However. if you spend $. to create optimiz content. that content can continue to drive traffic to your website months or even years after it is first publish. In our case. the blog ranks for . organic keywords and brings in an estimat . visitors per month. If we tri to Changsha Mobile Phone Number List get the same traffic through paid ads. we’d spend an estimat. Per month. which is nowhere near the amount we spend creating content. Suggest ReadingHow to Develop a Successful Content Marketing. Strategy in Steps common content marketing objections. And how to deal with them By now. you may be sold on the idea of ​​content marketing—but that doesnt mean your marketing leaders and/or stakeholders will be too.

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