Vue vs React in 2022 – which framework to choose and when?

React and vue are open source, which allows you to create complex interfaces and implement almost any idea. Thanks to high flexibility and the use of “boxed” solutions and components, the developer is able to create a product with complex logic and interface. React is a framework created with the support of facebook. It was originally made to keep facebook running and optimize its performance. It was also used on instagram. Gradually, this framework began to gain an audience and gathered around a large community that still uses this technology in development. Vue vs React Additionally, with the backing of a large company, the future of react is likely bright. Vue.js was created in 2014 by a google employee. It is worth noting that it was created entirely by one person – evan yu, unlike other frameworks that a large team worked on.

Why React and Vue? Tool overview Vue vs React

Therefore, some developers are wary of vue.js and prefer good old react. But at the same time answer the question “what is better react or vue?” not everyone can answer right away. And all because this technology turned out to be successful and Phone Number List received its advantages. It gained popularity due to its low entry threshold, clear documentation and a fairly large ready-made library. Similarities these frameworks are constantly compared. But they have much more in common than differences. Evan yu, the creator of vue, said that he was inspired by the principles of react. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are so many similar processes, here are some of them: both frameworks can work with ready-made projects and applications, which allows you to expand the capabilities of previously created products; they are easy to learn.

The most popular apps built with React and Vue

Regardless of whether react or vue is chosen, the developer will understand the tool with which to work. Differences technically speaking, the main difference between these frameworks is the method of rendering content. Vue uses html templates as well as jsx in the dom, while react only uses jsx. But technical details aside, the differences are as follows: react has a large number of flexible libraries and various ecosystems that make it easy to create changsha mobile phone number list a product. And vue allows for more subtle settings, abandoning template solutions, and does not have strict restrictions.

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